Microbial Untargeted Lipidomics Service

Lipids are a component of cell membranes and energy storage substances, and they also play a variety of important biological functions in life activities. Compared with mammalian lipidomics research, microbial lipidomics research has the following advantages: (1) The lipid group is relatively simple. There are fewer types of fatty acids in microbial cells than mammals, and there are no polyunsaturated fatty acids; (2) The cultivation time of microorganisms is short, and the cultivation process is relatively simple; (3) Gene knockout technology is used to produce a large number of mutants, and its mechanism of action can be further analyzed by studying the effect of the gene at the molecular and cellular level.

Microbial lipidomics can be applied to a variety of microbial research, including microbial phenotype research, microbial infectivity research, and microbial resistance mechanism research. The study of lipids and their interacting molecules has become a research hotspot in the field of microbiology.

Based on LC-MS technology, Creative Proteomics can provide you with reliable, fast and cost-effective microbial untargeted lipidomics services to promote your project progress.

Our Microbial Untargeted Lipidomics Services

We have a complete technology platform for identification and quantification of microbal lipidomics, including MS, GC, HPLC or LC-MS, GC-MS. The combination of chromatographic methods (such as GC or HPLC) and MS can greatly increase the lipid coverage.

The workflow of microbial untargeted lipidomics.Fig 1. The workflow of microbial untargeted lipidomics.

Featured Microbial Untargeted Lipidomics Analysis

Sample Requirements

We can accept a wide variety of sample types, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, intestinal contents and feces, culture broth, fermentation broth, etc.

  • Microorganism ≥ 107or ≥ 100 mg
  • Stool, intestinal contents ≥ 200 mg
  • Culture broth, fermentation broth ≥ 1 mL

If you want to provide other samples or want to inquire about the specific sample submission quantity, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

  • One-stop analysis service: Provide comprehensive services from sample preparation, mass spectrometry analysis, data processing, statistical analysis and compound identification.
  • Bioinformatics analysis: including PCA, PLS-DA, PLS-R and univariate statistics, differential lipid molecule screening, enrichment analysis, KEGG pathway analysis, and functional analysis.
  • Comprehensive visual report: This report will help answer your research questions. We will use our expertise to help you interpret the results and provide practical advice on how to use these results in your research or business.

If you have any questions about our microbial untargeted lipidomics services, please contact us.

* Our services can only be used for research purposes and Not for clinical use.




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