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What are Isoprenoids?

Isoprenoids, also commonly referred to as terpenoids, constitute a diverse and expansive class of natural compounds ubiquitous in the biological world. At their core, isoprenoids are derived from a fundamental five-carbon building block called isoprene, which serves as the precursor for their synthesis. The term "isoprenoid" encompasses a vast array of structurally distinct molecules that play pivotal roles in various biological processes across different organisms.

The structural diversity of isoprenoids is reflected in the multitude of compounds they give rise to, ranging from simple structures like monoterpenes to complex molecules such as steroids. These compounds are integral components of essential biological entities, including plants, microbes, and even certain animals. Isoprenoids contribute to the characteristic flavors and aromas of essential oils, serve as pigments in photosynthetic organisms, and act as signaling molecules and hormones.

Isoprenoids Analysis in Creative Proteomics

Extraction and Purification: We excel in extracting and purifying isoprenoids from various samples, ensuring high purity and yield.

Quantitative Analysis: Accurately quantify isoprenoids using advanced analytical techniques for precise concentration determination.

Structural Identification: Employ sophisticated instrumentation and expertise for the structural identification of isoprenoids.

Metabolomics Profiling: Conduct metabolomics profiling to study global changes in isoprenoid metabolism, identifying related metabolites.

Functional Analysis: Investigate the functional aspects of isoprenoids to understand their biological significance.

Pathway Analysis: Explore the involvement of isoprenoids in specific biological pathways through pathway analysis.

Customized Solutions: Tailor our services to meet specific project requirements, recognizing the uniqueness of each research endeavor.

Data Interpretation and Reporting: Provide comprehensive data interpretation and reporting, delivering clear and concise reports summarizing the findings.

List of Comprehensive Isoprenoids Detection

Isoprenoid ClassDetected Compounds
Monoterpenesα-Pinene, β-Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Terpinene, Ocimene, ...
Sesquiterpenesβ-Caryophyllene, Humulene, Farnesene, Nerolidol, Germacrene, Caryophyllene oxide, ...
DiterpenesTaxol, Gibberellin, Retinol, Phytol, Dolichol, Sclareol, Carnosic acid, ...
TriterpenesUrsolic Acid, Oleanolic Acid, Betulin, Lupeol, Asiatic Acid, Bacopasides, ...
SteroidsCholesterol, Ergosterol, Stigmasterol, Campesterol, Sitosterol, Lanosterol, ...
Carotenoidsβ-Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Cryptoxanthin, ...

Sample Requirements for Isoprenoids Analysis

Sample TypeSample SizeAdditional Notes
Blood Serum/Plasma0.5 mL - 1 mLRemove cells by centrifugation before freezing
Bacterial Cultures1 mL - 10 mLConsider using a suitable preservative for stability
Cell Culture Extracts1 mL - 5 mLEnsure cell lysis for efficient isoprenoid extraction
Lipid ExtractsVariesEnsure efficient extraction methods for lipid-rich samples
Microbial Cultures1 mL - 10 mLAvoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles for sample stability
Plant Tissues100 mg - 1 gHarvest and freeze samples immediately to preserve integrity
Soil Samples5 g - 10 gRemove debris and extraneous material before analysis
Urine Samples1 mL - 5 mLAcidification may be necessary to prevent degradation
Environmental Water50 mL - 500 mLFiltration may be required to remove particulate matter
Essential Oils100 μL - 1 mLProtect from light to prevent degradation
Food ProductsVariesAvoid contamination during collection and handling

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