Plasma Lipidomics Analysis Service

Blood plasma is a self-regenerating well-defined biological fluid that can be easily collected with minimal health risk. Lipids are the important component of plasma metabolites. The inventory of lipid molecules found in blood plasma offers insights into individual metabolism and physiology in health and disease. Therefore, MS-based plasma lipidomics is an emerging tool in a series of disease mechanism research, clinical diagnosis and disease management.

Human plasma lipidomics workflowFig 1. Human plasma lipidomics workflow (Burla B et al., 2018)

Identification the lipid profiles of plasma is helpful for biomarker discovery and for gaining novel insights into the onset and progression of diseases. Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive plasma untargeted lipidomics services from lipid extraction, lipid detection and data analysis for biomedical research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Plasma Lipidomics Analysis Platform

Creative Proteomics performs untargeted lipidomic analysis of plasma samples using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Univariate analysis of variance is used to examine differences in lipid categories and individual lipids between each group of samples.

 The workflow of plasma untargeted lipidomics.Fig 2. The workflow of plasma untargeted lipidomics. (Creative Proteomics)

Sample Requirements

According to different experimental schemes, we usually need 1-300 ul plasma for our untargeted lipidomics services. The specific sample requirements are ultimately determined based on the experimental design.

Why Choose Us?

  • One-stop analysis service: efficient lipid molecule detection. Save time, energy and money.
  • Fast turnaround time: 1-4 weeks.
  • Bioinformatics service: data processing (e.g., data alignment, feature detection), feature prioritization (e.g., principal component analysis, heat maps, ANOVA/t-test, multivariate statistical analysis, self organizing maps, volcano plots, and network activity prediction), and lipid identification services.
  • Detailed delivery report: Experiment procedures and parameters of instruments, MS data with putative identification based on the m/z ratio of the analytes, and customized bioinformatics analysis.

Applications of Plasma Lipidomics Analysis

  • High-quality clinical research
  • Identification of biomarkers
  • Drug development and discovery

If you have any questions about our lipidomics service, please contact us.


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* Our services can only be used for research purposes and Not for clinical use.




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