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Healthy skin depends on a unique lipid profile to form a barrier that confers protection and prevents excessive water loss, aids cell-cell communication and regulates cutaneous homoeostasis and inflammation. Alterations in the cutaneous lipid profile can have severe consequences for skin health and have been implicated in numerous inflammatory skin conditions. Therefore, skin lipidomics has attracted more and more attention. Based on mass spectrometry technology, it is possible to in-depth study of skin lipids, to explore their effects and mechanisms.

Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive, quantitative lipid analysis services of clinical and biological skin samples, including samples collected with tape-stripping, lipid extraction, lipid detection and data analysis for biomedical research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Skin Lipidomics Services

Creative Proteomics uses Shotgun Lipidomics Technology without time consuming chromatographic separation of lipids before analysis. We utilize the advantages of cutting-edge mass spectrometry, combined with automated sample extraction, processing and data analysis.

We can accept human and animal skin tissue samples.

The workflow of skin untargeted lipidomics.Fig 1. The workflow of skin untargeted lipidomics. (Kendall et al., 2018)

Applications of Skin Lipidomics

  • Skin aging research
  • Cosmetic claim support
  • Topical drug development, efficacy testing for dermatological pharmacology and the cosmetic industry, as well as for academic researchers

Why Choose Us?

  • Shotgun lipidomics technology is highly reproducible, with the median coefficient of variation (CV) for quantified lipids 12.3% and 86% of all lipids, and 80% of all quantified lipids had a CV below 20%. This performance is ensured by rigorous quality control. The high standards of Creative Proteomics operations are based on years of research experience on the role of lipids in cellular processes and on the development of lipidomics technology.
  • Accurate standardized platform allows complete analysis of 200 skin samples per day.
  • Fast turnaround time: 2-4 weeks.
  • Bioinformatics service: Univariate analysis, multivariate analysis, difference analysis, function analysis, pathway analysis, etc.
  • Detailed report: A detailed report to our clients, including experiment procedures and parameters of instruments, MS data with putative identification based on the m/z ratio of the analytes, and customized bioinformatics analysis.

If you have any questions about our mitochondrial lipidomics service, please contact us.


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* Our services can only be used for research purposes and Not for clinical use.




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