Sphingomyelins Analysis Service

Sphingomyelin (SM) is one of the important components in the composition of biological membranes. With the in-depth study of SM in animals and yeast, SM and its metabolites such as ceramide (Cer), sphingosine (Sph), and sphingosine-phosphate (sphingosine-phosphate, S1P) is a class of important biologically active signal molecules, which are involved in the regulation of cell growth, differentiation, senescence and death and many other important signal transduction processes. SM and its metabolites play a key role in a variety of diseases, and they can regulate multiple links in disease development.

Sphingomyelins Targeted Lipidomics

Creative Proteomics has developed a reliable and reproducible method that uses highly sensitive LC-MS/MS methods to quickly identify and quantify sphingomyelin and its metabolites, which can meet the needs of academic and industrial research in your laboratory.

Sphingomyelin is not only an important part of cell membranes, but also a dietary ingredient. It is most abundant in foods such as eggs, meat, fish and milk. Sphingomyelin has a potential inhibitory effect on colon cancer. In addition, sphingomyelin has the effects of lowering serum cholesterol, improving skin barrier function and promoting neurodevelopment of infants and young children. These studies make sphingomyelin a potential functional food. We can also analyze the composition of sphingomyelin in food, which is helpful for food safety and quality control.

Our Sphingomyelin Analysis Service

Absolute quantification: Use external standard method to quantify, and use internal standard for correction, qualitative and quantitative is more accurate.

High sensitivity: We use liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers for sphingomyelin analysis service (Triple Quad™ 6500 LC-MS/MS System).

The workflow of sphingomyelin analysis serviceFig 2. The workflow of sphingomyelin analysis service

Sample Requirements

SampleSample RequirmentsTimeLine
Cell lines5x106-1x107 cells  2-4 weeks
Primary cells2x106 cells4-8 weeks
Tissue50-100mg2-4 weeks

Why Choose Us?

  • With integrated set of separation, characterization, identification and quantification systems featured with excellent robustness & reproducibility, high and ultra-sensitivity, Creative Proteomics provides reliable, rapid and cost-effective SM analysis services.
  • Tailor extraction protocols and derection methods to target different needs of customer.
  • Creative Proteomics full-service facility provides data processing (e.g., data alignment, feature detection), feature prioritization (e.g., principal component analysis, heat maps, ANOVA/t-test, multivariate statistical analysis, self organizing maps, volcano plots, and network activity prediction), and lipid identification services.

If you have any questions about our SM analysis services, please contact us.


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