Hepoxilins Analysis Service

Hepoxilins (Hx) are a group of epoxy alcohol metabolites of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) that have both epoxide and alcohol residues. The HX pathway is an important early signal leading to inflammation, and HX is considered to be an effective pro-inflammatory chemoattractant mediator. In addition, HX can promote the secretion of insulin, affect the penetration rate of calcium ions in the body, and regulate the central nervous system.

Creative Proteomics has an LC-MS platform that can provide accurate and efficient detection of hepoxilins content for customers in multiple regions such as research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Hepoxilins Analysis Service

Our Hepoxilins Analysis Service

Absolute quantification: Use external standard method to quantify, and use internal standard for correction, qualitative and quantitative is more accurate.

High sensitivity: We use liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers for hepoxilins analysis service (Triple Quad™ 6500 LC-MS/MS System).

The workflow of hepoxilins analysis service.Fig 1. The workflow of hepoxilins analysis service.

Sample Requirements

We routinely cover a rich variety of sample types, including cells, serum, plasma for our customer.

Cell Medium2 ml
Serum0.5-1 ml
Plasma0.5-1 ml
Tissue5-10 mg

Why Choose Us?

  • High throughput: Only one injection can run both quantitative MRM and qualitative QTRAP scans to maximize throughput.
  • One-stop analysis service: Provide comprehensive services from sample preparation, standard addition, mass spectrometry analysis, data processing, and data comparison.
  • Fast turnaround time: 1-4 weeks.
  • Provide a detailed report at the end of the entire project, including the experimental process, MS/MS instrument parameters, quality control parameters, raw data and the final result of the comparison.

If you have any questions about our hepoxilins analysis services, please contact us.


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* Our services can only be used for research purposes and Not for clinical use.




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