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With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, the function of food is no longer just to meet the needs of survival. Food science and related nutrition and health issues have caused more and more controversy. As a basic food nutrient with multiple nutritional and metabolic functions, lipids play a key role in food and human health.

However, there are many challenges in food lipidomics, such as the complexity of food matrix, individual differences, environmental factors, and multidimensional and scattered data. With the advantages of high throughput, sensitivity and accuracy, MS-based lipidomics has become an important method for food lipid analysis. Food lipidomics analysis can help you understand the complexity of lipid molecules and the range of lipid composition in food samples.

Creative Proteomics provides reliable, fast and cost-effective food lipidomics services based on LC-MS and GC-MS for customers in multiple countries and regions.

Our Food Lipidomics Services

  • Unbiased detection of all lipid types in food samples and quantification of lipid levels.
  • Absolute quantitative analysis of target lipid molecules is efficient and accurate.

The workflow of food lipidomics analysis.Fig1. The workflow of food lipidomics analysis.

Sample Requirements

We can accept a variety of food samples, including meat and meat products, poultry, milk and dairy products, crustaceans and shellfish, fish and fish products, eggs and egg products, honey, et al. Both fluid and semi-fluid food substrates, and solid food substrates are available.

Lipids are susceptible to oxidation leading to loss of target lipids, which may require antioxidant protection.

If you want to provide other samples or want to inquire about the specific sample submission quantity, please contact us.

Application of Food Untargeted Lipidomics

Why Choose Us?

  • One-stop analysis service: Provide comprehensive services from sample preparation, mass spectrometry analysis, data processing, statistical analysis and compound identification.
  • Bioinformatics analysis: including PCA, PLS-DA, PLS-R and univariate statistics, enrichment analysis, KEGG pathway analysis, and functional analysis.
  • Comprehensive visual report: This report will help answer your research questions. We will use our expertise to help you interpret the results and provide practical advice on how to use these results in your research or business.

If you have any questions about our food lipidomics services, please contact us.


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* Our services can only be used for research purposes and Not for clinical use.




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