Hexosylceramides Analysis Service

Creative Proteomics can provide one-stop hexosylceramides analysis service. We have LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS technologies to provide high-resolution and reliable lipidomics identification and quantification services.


Sphingolipids are an important part of neurons and myelin sheath. Mainly divided into hexosylceramide (HexCer), lactosylceramide (LacCer), sphingosine (Sph), dihydrosphingosine (DhSph) and dihydroceramide (DhSph). Sphingolipid levels will change under different physiological, pathological and disease conditions.

The combination of MS instrument and liquid chromatography (LC) can effectively separate target lipid molecules from complex samples. High-quality and accurate lipid level analysis helps to study the changes in the content of hexosylceramides and other lipids under physiological and other pathological conditions, and accelerate the analysis of biomarkers and related disease mechanisms.

Applications of hexosylceramides analysis service

  • Identification potential biomarkers.
  • Study metabolic pathway mechanisms.

Advantages of our hexosylceramides analysis service

  • One-stop analysis services, from sample preparation, mass spectrometry, data processing, to the identification and quantification of lipids.
  • Rich experience in handling various types of samples, from various tissue and cell samples to body fluids, etc.
  • Accurate quantification of hexosylceramides with high resolution UPLC-LC-MS.
  • Flexible statistical analysis and bioinformatics analysis.

List of detectable hexosylceramides at Creative Proteomics


Service workflow

Service workflow

Mode: MRM
Precision: pmol & mol%
Variants identified: > 50
Analysis content:

  • Standard curve creation
  • Raw data preprocessing
  • Absolute quantification of hexosylceramides
  • Optimal analyses such as KEGG pathway analysis and hierarchical clustering

Sample requirements

  • Blood/plasma: 500 ul/sample
  • Urine: 1 ml/sample
  • Tissue: 200 mg/sample
  • Cells: 1x107/sample


  • Experimental procedure
  • Parameters of liquid chromatography and MS
  • Purity analysis report
  • MS raw data files and MS data quality checks
  • Hexylceramide quantitative result data
  • Custom analysis report

Delivery time: 2-4 weeks

With years of experience in lipidomics analysis services, Creative Proteomics has a good reputation in supporting the detection and quantification of a variety of lipids. Based on a highly stable, reproducible and highly sensitive separation, characterization, identification and quantitative analysis system, combined with LC-MS/MS, we provide reliable, fast and cost-effective hexosylceramide analysis services. If you have other substances you want to test or other questions, please contact us.

* Our services can only be used for research purposes and Not for clinical use.




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