Lipidomics Applications for Disease Research

Lipidomics is an important branch of metabolomics, which aims at the detailed analysis of lipid species and their multiple roles in the living system. In recent years, the development of various analytical methods for effective identification and characterization of lipids has greatly promoted the process of lipidomics. Meanwhile, as many diseases demonstrate a remarkable alteration in lipid profiles compared with that of healthy people, lipidomics has been extensively introduced to disease research. The comprehensive lipid profiling provides a chance to discover novel biomarkers for specific disease. In addition, it plays a crucial role in the study of lipid metabolism, which could illuminate the pathogenesis of diseases.

Due to the diversity of lipids, the development of analytical methods for lipidomics is challengeable. MS, and especially its coupling with chromatographic separations, is the most widely used technique in lipidomics. The MS analysis of lipids in biological samples has provided abundant information for clinical interpretations of many diseases. With extensive experience and state-of-the-art technologies, Creative Proteomics provides comprehensive lipidomics services from lipid extraction, lipid detection and data analysis for disease research.

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Lipid analysis fuels research and progress in biotech and pharma, disease research, food & nutrition, agriculture.


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