Branched Chain Fatty Acids Analysis Service

Branched-chain fatty acids (BCFA) are fatty acids with one or more branched chains (mainly methyl) on the carbon skeleton. They are divided into single-branched fatty acids and multi-branched fatty acids, usually saturated fatty acids.

BCFA has some special physical and chemical properties due to its specific branched chain structure, such as low freezing point, good thermal stability and oxidation stability. In some microorganisms (Bacillus, etc.), about 90% of the membrane lipid fatty acids are BCFA, which can make the cell membrane have good fluidity. BCFA has a different digestion and metabolism pathway in the body than straight-chain fatty acids, and has a unique physiological regulation function. Branched-chain fatty acids are part of the gastrointestinal tract of normal healthy newborns and play an important role in colonization of the intestines. BCFA can also inhibit the proliferation or development of different types of cancer cells.

Creative Proteomics uses LC-MS/MS technology with high sensitivity, high specificity and high accuracy to provide customers with branch-chain amino acid analysis services, and calculates metabolite concentrations through standard curves to achieve absolute quantiation.

Branched Chain Fatty Acids Analysis Service

Our Branched Chain Fatty Acids Analysis Service

Absolute quantification: Use external standard method to quantify, and use internal standard for correction, qualitative and quantitative is more accurate.

High sensitivity: we use liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers for branched chain fatty acids analysis service (Triple Quad™ 6500 LC-MS/MS System).

The workflow of branched chain fatty acids analysis service.Fig 1. The workflow of branched chain fatty acids analysis service.

Sample Requirements

  • Animal and plant tissues ≥ 50 mg
  • Microorganism ≥ 0.2 g/sample
  • Fresh stool ≥ 50 mg
  • Freeze-dried stool ≥ 5 mg
  • Cell ≥ 1×107
  • Food samples need to be in more than 10 groups

If you provide other samples or want to know the specific sample size, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

  • One-stop analysis service: efficient lipid molecule detection. Save time, energy and money.
  • Fast turnaround time: 1-4 weeks.
  • Detailed delivery report: Experiment procedures and parameters of instruments, MS data with putative identification based on the m/z ratio of the analytes, and customized bioinformatics analysis.
  • We will use our expertise to help you interpret the results and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to utilize the results in your research.

Application of Branched Chain Fatty Acids Analysis

  • Identification potential biomarkers for establishing preventive or therapeutic programs for human diseases.
  • Study metabolic pathway mechanisms.
  • Drug target discovery and new drug development.

If you have any questions about our branched chain fatty acids targeted lipidomics services, please contact us.

* Our services can only be used for research purposes and Not for clinical use.



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