Lipidomics Statistics

Visualizing Data

A detailed report will be provided at the end of the whole project, including the experiment procedure, MS/MS instrument parameter, raw data and data reports with figures, ready to be published.

  • Analysis Software

Creative Proteomics uses Progenesis QI (Waters) and LipidSearch (Thermo) and MS DIAL for our Lipidomics Statistics.

Progenesis QI (Waters)

 Lipidomics Statistics

LipidSearch (Thermo)

 Lipidomics Statistics


 Lipidomics Statistics
  • Database
    • Lipid Maps
    • Human Metabolome Database (HMDB)
    • LipidSearch Database
    • Lipid Bank
  • Data Analysis

The protocol workflow of lipidomics statistics (Creative Proteomics)Fig1. The protocol workflow of lipidomics statistics (Creative Proteomics)

  • Basic Data Analysis
  • Pre-processing of the original data

Peak extraction, peak alignment, standardized analysis of the original data, through the original base peak ion chromatogram, preliminary observation of the number and type of substances measured by the instrument, and whether the chromatograms between different groups have obvious differences.

  • Principal component analysis

Principal component analysis of samples can generally reflect the overall metabolic differences between samples in each group and the degree of variability between samples within the group.


To eliminate noise information that is not related to classification, and also to obtain related metabolite information that causes significant differences between the two groups, we use OPLS-DA to filter signals that are not related to model classification.

  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • O2PLS

O2PLS is a generalization of PLS and OPLS. In contrast to PLS and OPLS, it is bidirectional, i.e. X ↔ Y; Therefore X can be used to predict Y, and Y can be used to predict X. O2PLS allows the partitioning of the systematic variability in X and Y into three parts: the X/Y joint predictive variation; the Y-orthogonal variation in X; and the Xunrelated variation in Y.

  • Prediction and Analysis

Use existing data to build models and make predictions on new samples.

  • Personalized Data Analysis
  • Heat-Map

All differential metabolite expression values are first subjected to logarithmic transformation to draw a heat map.

  • ROC Analysis

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