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Creative Proteomics offers cutting-edge mass spectrometry (MS)-based lipidomics services.


Untargeted Lipidomics

Creative Proteomics provides both shot-gun lipidomics and LC-MS for Untargeted Lipidomics research. Our services identify more than 3100 individual lipids. As the field of lipidomics continues to mature, untar geted lipidomics is an important aspect of biomarker discovery in biological and clinical studies.

We use liquid chromatography or gas chromatography hyphenated to triple quadrupole mass spectrometers for our targeted lipidomics services, to provide high-specificity, high-selectivity, and high-reproducibility detection and quantitation of hundreds of known lipids in diverse biological samples.

targeted lipidomics

Rich Variety Of Sample Types

Rich Variety of Sample Types

The samples that can be analyzed cover a wide range, including cultured cells, conditioned medium, exosomes, tissues, serum, plasma,
breast milk, skin, urine, bio-fluid, mitochondrial as well as plant, food and microorganisms.

Visualizing Data

A detailed report will be provided at the end of the whole project, including the experiment procedure, MS/MS instrument parameter, raw data and data reports with figures, ready to be published.

Visualizing Data

Different technical methods

Different Technical Methods

Creative Proteomics designs experimental programs according to customer needs and choose different technical methods to improve detection efficiency and ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experimental results.

Research Project Support

Our project is a very complex study that requires a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy. Creative Proteomics has molecular biologists, mass spectrometry specialists, bioinformatics experts, and lipidomics data scientists. We are well-prepared and positioned to foster collaboration in the fast-developing field of lipidomics.

Research Project Support


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